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Not Just Your Retirement

A community buying businesses to build passive income and leave legacy.
Serving both seasoned and aspiring investors.
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Become a Business Owner

Buying and owning businesses is cash-flow investing.

We find, vet and acquire profitable cash-flowing businesses together. That's what we're up to here. Simple as that.

You get paid continuously from the cash-flow profits of the business and you own an appreciating asset that will be sold later. Double win.

Sound expensive? It's really not.


You Don't Need Millions In The Bank To Start

"I need tons of liquid cash to buy companies"


"I need to be an accredited investor"

Not necessarily.

"I need a background in investment banking"


"Buying companies is only for pro investors and the ultra wealthy"


"I won't understand all the financial and technical jargon"

Not true.

"Only people way cooler, smarter, and richer than me do this kind of thing"

No again.


Experience Financial Freedom

Imagine finally breaking free of 'trading time for money' and stepping into your full economic potential by supporting local businesses. Time to change the game.


Start Building Your Portfolio of Passive Income

Join The Celestial Community

It all goes down in the group chat. Sign up to join our Telegram group of likeminded and ambitious wealth builders, or join our deal flow newsletter. We talk deals and demystify alternative assets together. You'll be welcomed by a network focused on a new wave of wealth creation and giving back big.


Participate In Deals & Become A Shareholder

You miss all the shots you don't take. We enable our community members to participate in buying profitable biz'es and becoming an actual business owner. You become a shareholder, earn dividends, and benefit from exits.

Diversify Your Portfolio & Build Passive Income

You choose how you want to diversify by participating in one-by-one deals or in long term roll-up strategies where we acquire similar businesses and consolidate. Participate and build your portfolio at your pace.



"Check Out My New Balenci... Business"


The Best Kind of Window Shopping

Inside the Celestial Community there's transparent visibility into open deals. Find the ones that feel meaningful, provide the returns or diversification you're looking for, and connect with likeminded people on the journey to stepping into their full economic potential.


Presentations + Q&A on Each Deal

Don't worry, we got you. We keep the Wall Street buzzwords and financial bro-talk to a minimum. All documents are kept plain and simple - no matter your background or experience.

Scroll Q&As to see what other people in the community are asking, flip through our comprehensive deal pages, and see what you can expect to be paid from a business you're interested in.


Click, Sign, Wire. You're Now An Investor

Log in to your Investor Portal, sign the company documents, and wire your commitment. That's it. Yes, it's that simple.

There's no stock tickers, overwhelming trading platforms or financial advisors speaking jibberish.

Your proof of ownership, tax slips and financial overview are all available in the Investor Portal, and our professionally managed back-office services ensure you're paid from your new business every quarter.


Why Cash-flow Investing?

Cash-flow investing is a fast-track way to start experiencing the freedom and lifestyle you're looking for.
Without working a job ever again.
Build wealth for the future while funding your lifestyle today

By investing in profitable businesses you can earn passive income while owning an appreciating asset that you can later sell. Win-win!

Get true freedom of time
(and say bye to the 9-5)

Want to quit your job? Cash-flow investing creates reoccurring income. As an owner, you don't need to spend time operating the biz'es either.

Upgrade your lifestyle while investing in businesses you love

You can choose the biz'es and sectors that make your heart sing, support local community, and learn alongside other ambitious people.


It's All About Community

Imagine making money while doing your part to leave the world a better place.

The opportunities unlocked for people in our group support you in building your own personal network, strengthen local and global communities, and create ultimate lifestyle freedom.

Celestial prioritizes influence and affluence. All while giving back.

The Celestial Way

We're committed to making a woman wealthier with every Celestial transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

But like... How does it work?

We find, vet and acquire profitable cash-flowing businesses and welcome our community to buy into them, as owners, alongside us. We buy the majority stake of each business, and then open the cap table to the community to chip in. We handle all the financial, legal, due diligence, operational management, and admin aspects of the deals, so you can focus on selecting what you'd like to see in your portfolio.

You can participate in 3 different ways:
1) Use your money to invest into the companies we acquire to become a shareholder, and earn back your investment through shareholder profits and dividend payments - without spending a bunch of time.
2) Use your time to find and vet businesses for sale and bring them to the community. If our deal team approves and we move forward on acquiring the business, you receive a portion of the shares in the biz and start earning shareholder profits - without any money invested.
3) Use your smarts and become a leadership level Operator in the companies we acquire, and receive shares - just because you're part of our community.

What does it actually mean to "buy a business"?

Buying a business is exactly what it sounds like - buying literal ownership of an operating business, by acquiring it from the current owner. When the business you acquire is cash-flowing and profitable, this is known as cash-flow investing. Cash-flow investing is the discipline of investing into or acquiring assets that can appreciate over time as the business grows, but that also produce continuous cash-flow to the owner of that asset (yes, you). You get paid when you sell the business and during the time you hold it. Who doesn't like additional cash-flow? We sure do.

I don't know anything about investing in private companies, does this make sense for me?

Absolutely. We're all in the same boat. Very few people actually understand and operate in this field (known as Private Equity or Mergers & Acquisitions), which is why the information of how to do it as an individual is still very new. Up until now, private equity deals have been happening in big fancy Wall Street firms. And we're one of those, but way cooler. We're in it together from start to finish so you understand exactly how it works and up-level alongside other women.

What are the minimum requirements to invest?

None. Yep, you heard that right. We have structured our tiers in a way that enable people in every financial situation to participate. You'll build your wealth on similar terms to everyone else.
Of course, the more you're able to invest, the faster you'll build towards significant wealth, but the most important thing is just getting started.

Which businesses do you buy?

Cash-flowing, profitable, community businesses in various industries (i.e. "boring businesses"). Our current focus is on "Look Good, Feel Good" investments which you'll learn more about on the inside; think medical spas, health services, life sciences, dentist offices, organic products and beauty bars. But... we also look at e-commerce, digital content, laundromats, car washes, and pizza places. Boring becomes sexy when it fuels the lifestyle you want.

How can I join the community?

We're currently operating on an invitational basis, which means an invite from a currently active member of the community is needed to join. Please sign up to our waitlist if needing an invite!

Do I need to be an accredited investor to get started?

No. But there might be some deals that are harder for us to give you access to - we know, annoying! We're working on a solution to give non-accredited investors the same experience as accredited investors that's compliant with SEC regulations.

Accredited investors are usually aware of their status as it’s most often tied to net worth --> but there’s other factors giving you “accredited” status. Here’s a link to help you confirm:

*In Celestial we have an obligation to distinguish between accredited and non-accredited due to SEC regulations. We’re working on a solution to make this difference negligible for Celestial community members, so everyone involved has the same experience of excellence and terms in their investments.

Is there a cost to join?

No, it's free. We're currently in the early stages of building the community to introduce people globally to cash-flow investing alongside us. For now, it's free to join until the community opens up beyond 'invite only'.

Wait... But then how do you get paid?

Good question! We get paid the exact same way you do; through dividends and cash-flow from the businesses we acquire. Same page. Same boat. All that.

Besides that, we're transparent about allocating a portion of the monthly cash-flows in each business towards our management fees. This is for Celestial to oversee the entire portfolio, staffing, legal, accounting, put out fires, and ensure that operations run smoothly - as well as financing our Legacy Fund which you'll be a part of - all so you don't have to spend your time doing it.

I still don't know which questions I would even be asking if I were to join.

This is where the power of community comes in. We know magic happens when people gather. We have a dope group chat. We have calls. We have jargon PDFs. Investing into and buying private companies is an opportunity of cash-flow investing which is available to us all, no matter your background - you just have to keep your mind open. It's ridiculously simple. We promise you will burst out laughing once you understand the simplicity of the steps. It is literally harder to exist as a woman for 1 day in many parts of the world than it is to buy a company with us. #Facts.

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