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Celestial Group serves seasoned investors alongside up-and-comers by providing access to alternative investments.

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A modern private equity firm driven by community and innovation, Celestial Group is #FundingTheFuture. Leading the way in Lifestyle Investing for the impact-focused generation of today, we make merger & acquisition opportunities available, accessible and relatable to our community across the globe.

There's just one twist. Not only does every transaction with Celestial result in a woman getting wealthier; we funnel profits into an impact investment fund focused on people + planet.

We're the ultimate deal house. You get the bag and the bank.

The Women Behind The Women

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

"Jennifer's mission is creating generational legacy for the next 100 years by funding people & planet focused solutions and technologies. Focused on decentralization and diversity, she is a Forbes-featured futurist, innovator, and investor.

A seasoned 3x Founder, including having previously founded a Psychedelics company, she is a sought-after advisor and consultant on futuristic business models and next-generation leadership.

A proponent of bridging the future with sovereign solutions centering health & wealth in uplifting human potential and consciousness, she's devoted to disrupting the global status quo."

"It's about trailblazing as the leader you were born to be."


“Camilla started her first company in 2013 while living on a friend’s couch. Before exiting in 2019, she became a renowned entrepreneur in Scandinavia, having won numerous awards, leading a 40-person team and raising $10M+ in investor capital.

Camilla has been featured on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, spoken at TEDx, and is recognized in tech communities with awards like “Founder of the Year”, “Young Leader of the Year”, and the "25 and Under in Northern Europe".

Host of The Celestial Podcast, and leading fundraising capital expert, Camilla’s mission is to create spaces for women to learn about, explore and step into their full economic potential; as both investors & entrepreneurs."

"I'm devoted to shifting paradigms around wealth creation."

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