#14: Make 2022 A Year Of Audacity

What would your life look like 12 months from now if you made this year the most audacious year to date? 

Today’s episode is all about audacity and how we can get around the tendency to settle for less than we are capable of, and avoid playing it small when we’re too afraid of owning that grand life that we’re secretly longing for. Or put too much emphasis on the fear of failing or what others will think of us.

Camilla is talking about what audacity actually is, how we cultivate more of it in our lives, and shares a few of her own ways of making this year one of the most audacious to date.


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About The Host

Camilla is a Forbes 30under30, TEDx speaker, and EY Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist, who started her first company in education technology at age 19. During her time as CEO, she raised $10M and ended up managing a 40-person team, before her departure in 2019 when she sold her share of the company. As a female entrepreneur, Camilla experienced the inequality and significant unconscious bias women meet in the startup and tech world, which led her to co-founding Celestial Academy - a women’s wealth & entrepreneurship education platform for female investors and entrepreneurs, offering online courses on investments, finance, wealth creation strategies, and best practises of entrepreneurship. The mission for Celestial Academy is to create a space for women to learn about, explore and step into their full economic potential.